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Welcome to Savage Exec

Established in 2019, Savage Exec provides people-focused solutions, consulting and services to the global based business community; and we have incorporated The GC Index®️ into all our GC Solutions using the unique insight on impact to deliver better outcomes. We typically work with CEOs and next generation future leaders in SME and Enterprises by providing sales & marketing consulting services and our specially designed solutions:  GC Smart Strategy, GC Coaching, GC Training and GC Wellbeing. Whilst we work across all sectors, we have first-hand experience in Financial Services, Energy, Data & Telco, Sport & Entertainment, Consulting, Professional Services and the Public Sector.

As a company, our strategy is to partner and collaborate with smart, exceptional professionals that we have met and trusted over the years. This gives us a breadth of skills and expertise we can call upon when we are asked to deliver larger, more complex programmes. 

Our Values



We can be relied on to deliver; we don’t let people down. We are consistently reliable, so our clients have complete confidence in us: as individuals and as a business.



Whatever we do, we do with dedication, enthusiasm and real energy. We put our heart and soul into every project and are committed to delivering outstanding results.



We are inspired, highly effective and make a strong positive impression. We are creative and persuasive, producing powerful and inspiring work that delights our clients.

"VISION IS A DESTINATION, a fixed point to which we focus all effort. STRATEGY IS A ROUTE, an adaptable path to get us where we want to go"

Simon Sinek

Our Team

A Proven Method for measuring impact

The GC Index is unique. Personality or People Diagnostic tools cannot measure what The GC Index measures, which is how individuals and teams impact and contribute to a Business Cycle

Our Tailored Solutions