Our Partner Community

With over three decades client and agency experience, we have worked with a lot of very smart people in a variety of sectors and industries!

Today, Savage Exec is proud to partner and collaborate with some of these smart, exceptional professionals we have met and trusted over the years. This gives us a breadth of skills and expertise we can call upon when needed…and indeed can call upon us!

Some of our partner community use our own bespoke solutions. With other partners we quite simply collaborate to deliver larger, more complex programmes which require consultants who are experts in their field and have an outstanding record of successful delivery.

Working Together

Savage Exec is proud to be a GC Index partner. We provide people-focused solutions, consulting and services to the global based business community; and we have incorporated The GC Index® into all our GC Solutions using the unique insight on impact to deliver better outcomes. 

In the last month alone, Savage Exec has already introduced a number of new GC Index Partners, who are now in a position to be able to sell all of Savage Exec’s GC Solutions. To be able to sell Savage Exec’s solutions you have to first become accredited with The GC Index® as all of Savage Exec’s solutions are ‘Powered by The GC Index®’.

In the next 3 months, it is the ambition of Savage Exec to introduce another 50 or so partners to The GC Index®, all of whom would then be eligible to sell our own solutions. 

If you are thinking of starting your own business, either as a business coach, a recruitment agency or as a small business consultancy, and you also have the same mission to help individuals, teams and businesses have a greater impact

Partner Benefits

Savage Exec is looking for outstanding people who are exceptional professionals. You may be at a crossroads in your career or you may have just had enough of City Street and want to work for yourself.

Starting up your own business or practice is often a lonely place! By becoming a GC Partner and having access to Savage Exec’s partner community, you will immediately experience the following benefits:

1. Commercial – our partners benefit from a range of commercial opportunities for them and their clients

2. Networking – through both The GC Index®️ global network and the Savage Exec partner community, our partners collaborate closely, share business development ideas and opportunities and have access to one virtual team when they need it.

3. Lead generation – winning new business is always the challenge for coaches and consultants! Savage Exec’s lead generation marketing machine will soon start promoting Savage Exec’s GC Solutions, in turn helping Savage Exec’s partners.

4. Integration – as part of a wider partner network, the team will input to your thought process about how you can integrate or embed The GC Index®️ into your own specific solutions to drive an increase in your revenue.

Let's Talk

A partner can be any type of organisation from a single coach to a recruitment agency to a consultancy with multiple employees – the unifying factor is that you are passionate about helping individuals, teams and businesses have a greater impact.

You are also highly likely to have a passion or skillset to deliver solutions that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Strategy & Business
  • HR & Talent
  • Organisation & Culture
  • Change & Transformation

If you wish to deliver any of Savage Exec’s solutions or if you feel you have your own solutions that fit into one of the disciplines on the attached chart, then please do get in touch as we would love to have a collaborative conversation with you!